Dec 31, 2009

bosan datang

About my boy..

1. What’s his name?
Mr.W.. no need to know who! (:

2. How long have you been dating?

3. Can you tell him anything?
yes,of course!

4. What’s his favorite color?
green, white :D

5. When is his birthday?
i'm stupid if i dont know. 13oct1990.

6. How old will he be turning?
20 yaw! haha

7. How much do you see each other?
every weekend, or much more. kalau tak balik kampus lahh.

8. On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like him?

9. Do you love him?
stupid question! of course i do!

10. What’s his full name, first/middle/last.
like i said before, no need to know what is his name.. hee..

11. Have you ever been to the movies with him?
hell yeah!

12. What movie did you see?
banyak lah gila! mane boleh listkan! haih!

13. Name a memory you shared with him?
the way we know each other.

14. Have you met his parents?
oh yeahh.

15. Has he met your parents?
ohh yeahh too

16. How many siblings does he have?
tak perlu tau! busybody!

17. Have you kissed him in the rain?
if i say yes?

18. Can he make you in the best mood EVER?
not really. tapi kann kalau aku marah ke, ape ke tetap best dengan dia. haha

19. What’s his moms name?
errrr.. wait! let me ask his father =_='

20. Is he funny?
so much!

21. Name his favorite quote?
haok! haha idk wht does it meanss..

22. What is his favorite thing to do?
bermain musikk (:

23. Does he have any pets?

24. What does he want to name his kids, when he’s older?
tak pernah tanye pun. heee..

25. Someone hits you, What does he do?
he will hits tht person back! haha

26. Do you hold hands often?
yah, but we dont like to do tht in front of public. geli wehh! tapi buat jugak kadang-kadang. gedik! haha

27. Does he cuss?
not really

28. Does he have a job?
of course! hehehe

29. Do you hug him alot?
mestilahhh.. *blushing

30. Does your family like him?
so much! <33

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