Oct 13, 2011

Hati #7

dear Morphine,

           Happy 21st Birthday!
finally, you are already 21 years old my dear. tua dari saya. eh tak, matured :) looking at your face and then i remembered the first time i know you, you are only a 14 years boy. but now, you are already a young man! alhamdullilah. semoga awak panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. anddd.... may all your wishes will come true. aminn...

           Happy 7th Anniversary!
eventhough we are not really in relationship (for some reasons) from a year ago. but it's okay with us, we still be together and happy almost of the time :) thanks for being with me for this seven years, be beside me for my happy time and for my hard time. you are the best person that i've met! semoga kesudahan yang baik jadi pada kita. aminn.. seven years and till now, i love you so much and you know that.

sedihnya saya tak ada apa-apa untuk bagi awak. i'm broke. i'm sorry. but i do have plenty of love to give to you :)

i you, Morphine!


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